The world’s largest collection of
specialist travel brands

Travelopia is at the forefront of global travel for those wanting something distinctive. We are the only collection of travel brands of this kind in the world – our portfolio is exclusively focused on specialist travel. 

Each brand is individually operated, creating unique experiences that are centred around specific destinations, passions or interests, from yachting to culture, luxury travel and more. Having these specific focuses allows our brands to become best in class at what they do – many are industry leaders in their sector.

Our customers have high expectations. They seek out new experiences and new adventures, and each one demands a different experience. We give them this through real understanding and expertise. It’s at the heart of all we do at Travelopia.

Our amazing brands

Travelopia brands are split between six sectors: Expeditions, Tailormade, Marine, Education, Events and US Tour Operators. Each sector has its own unique offering and houses a number of different brands.


Educational, experimental and leisure trips for schools and universities.



Global adventure travel, high-end touring holidays and private jet packages.



Luxury holidays and personalised itineraries to destinations across the world.


US Tour Operators

Full-service group tours to destinations in Europe and North America.


Sailing, yachting and inland waterways holidays to Europe, the Caribbean and beyond.



Customised holidays to sporting events for players, supporters and corporate clients.