Quark Expeditions

the leader in polar adventures

There’s exotic… Then there’s Quark Expeditions®. For 25 years, Quark Expeditions® has delighted discerning, curious adventurers who appreciate exceptional quality and travel “above the ordinary”.

Quark passengers have explored the last untouched and most pristine Antarctic and Arctic destinations on the planet, where wildlife interactions thrive and the landscape never fails to astonish and captivate. And with a diverse fleet of specially equipped vessels, unique land-based adventures and seasoned expedition leaders, Quark offers travelers unparalleled access to these most remote regions on Earth. 

In these remarkable places of singular natural beauty, you’ll share the landscape with a staggering abundance of wildlife, immerse yourself in centuries-old communities, retrace the footsteps of fearless explorers, and be simply overwhelmed by the untouched wonders of these regions. All while enjoying the highest standards of expedition team leadership, comfort and safety. 

With Quark, there’s no such thing as an average day. Hearty meals, wildlife sightings, breathtaking vistas, stimulating activities and informative lectures will exceed your expectations day and night. 

Our Polar Travel Advisers can suggest the perfect expedition. Visit our website to learn more about your trip of a lifetime. 

Quark Expeditions’ YouTube Videos

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