Discover your Florida Dream…

Micky Mouse was still settling into his new home in Orlando back in 1971 when Jetsave was first planning its inaugural flight over to the USA. The following year, Jetsave launched and this signaled the start of a long love affair known as the great American Dream.

With 44 years experience in USA holidays, we know exactly how you can make the most of out of your holiday to Florida. The way we book our holidays, and the experiences we want have changed over the years. But one thing has always remained, the passion that Jetsave brings for all things American.

Our Florida Destination Experts have built their product knowledge on years of experience, so you can expect a holiday made just for you. With a wide variety of accommodation, flights and added extras – working with Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Delta Airlines and American Airlines to name a few, you have complete control on how you want to tailor-make your holiday with Jetsave.